The Company

We are a security focused Research & Development company which provides innovative and unique solutions for security issues. We do so to assist our customers and to further develop the field of cyber security as a whole.

Our R&D efforts include

  • New and novel approaches to encryption techniques
  • Modification of network security methodologies and tactics
  • Understanding current attack vectors and translating that knowledge into methods and procedures for both offensive and defensive information security implementations and installations.

While we are a new company, our roots come from ISFMT, a company built on the concept of bringing the exceptional qualities exemplified in other fields of industry to the security world.

These roots help us help our customers by allowing us to better understand the very real problems that face companies and individuals on a persistent basis. Through this understanding we are in a prime position to develop software and methodologies to act as preventative countermeasures to some of the biggest security threats that people fight on the battle lines every day.

We look forward to reaching for our goal of creating more secure and non-invasive security solutions for every day use, whether you’re a fortune 500 company, or a small business. This is our passion.